Measuring and Evaluating Lead Nurturing

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We are often asked about lead nurturing and how do you know if you are being effective with your nurturing. There are a number of ways to evaluate the success of your nurturing campaigns. It is important to measure your nurturing on a step-by-step basis as well as your overall nurturing program. It is also good to evaluate the positive – how many clicks, etc. and also the not so positive – how many unsubscribes or no action taken.

First, evaluate each step of your nurturing program. If you check your metrics – opens, clicks, downloads, unsubscribes, lead movement, score, etc. at each step you can evaluate that particular message of the drip and the effectiveness of that step in the overall drip.  Then evaluate the continued interaction of the leads during the nurturing program. Are the leads interacting with your nurturing (clicking, downloading, replying, etc) over time?  Are they moving through the nurturing campaign? Are you able to evaluate when that lead has moved into the buy cycle (if that can be accomplished during this drip)? Some of these questions can be evaluated by utilizing a lead scoring process coupled with your nurturing.

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