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Last night I attended the Atlanta Bloggers April Meetup featuring bestselling author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin.  Seth was not at the event in person, but was live via Skype and gave an interview about his new book, Linchpin: Are You Indisposable? I have not read his new book, but it is definitely on my “must read” list. It has gotten rave reviews and I suggest you add it to your summer reading list too.

During Seth’s interview he gave a lot of helpful insight on the art of blogging, and also answered questions from the audience. One recurring question was regarding content creation. Ah yes, the infamous content creation scenario – the number one thing that’s top of mind and how to come up with it. So, how does Seth do it? Where does he get his inspiration from? How does he stand out from the crowd? His answer was simple – do you wake up in the morning with talkers block? I think not. His advice was to write like you talk and don’t be afraid to speak your mind while doing it. We need to get over our fear of sharing “bad” ideas in order to start to producing “good” ideas. People are scared of success, in fear that they will become successful and their peers might “really” start to read their writing. They might ask themselves – What if I start making a statement, what  if my posts start getting comments, what if people don’t like what I write, and what if I leave people wanting more  – can I  produce again? There are over 80 Million bloggers on the Internet today, so why not be different and break free of the common blogging mold. Blog about something extraordinary and write it better than anyone.

What I learned? Don’t be average, it’s a waste of time. Take the plunge to be different and stand out among the crowd.

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