The Content Controversy

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Marketers often tell us that they feel challenged to effectively nurture their leads because they don’t have enough content – or the time and resources to create it.

The fact is that you have more content than you think, and you don’t have to recreate the wheel. See my five tips below on where you can pull content from, and how you can repurpose what you already have.

  1. Website: Your website is probably full of rich content, so why not repurpose some of the copy you already have?
  2. Datasheet or Collateral: Use some of the main ideas and bullet points listed in your sales collateral for articles or blog postings.
  3. Press releases: Pull out customer quotes, product release features, or success rates to sprinkle throughout articles.
  4. Case studies: Use your customer’s experience with your product/service for a short article.
  5. Industry News: Share articles and reports from industry analysts that your audience would find useful.

By using some of the content that you already have you can get your nurturing program off to a great start. One key thing to remember is that you must express your thought leadership in a way that speaks your prospects’ language and provides them educational value. When you write your articles or blog postings, leave your audience wanting more…just give them enough to wet their appetite so they want to hear from you “sooner rather than later.”

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