Email Marketing Adds Value to Lead Nurturing

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Email marketing provides an essential element to the lead nurturing process. Lead nurturing helps keep prospects, those not quite ready to buy, warm. The Internet has dramatically changed the buying cycle because so much data is instantly available. Now, research and education start way before a prospect is ready to make a purchase. Therefore, once engaged with your company (whitepaper download, case study, etc.), it is essential to stay in front of the lead so that when the prospect is ready to buy; your company is first in mind.

Email marketing provides the most efficient and effective way to nurture leads. Email can be used to target specific groups, track for true interest and provide up-to-date, valuable information while being reasonably inexpensive to execute. By segmenting leads based on interests, industry or other important parameters, email can be sent out that is specific to that particular buyer’s interest, therefore having greater impact. Email provides the flexibility to easily alter text for each lead segment and provides immediate testing and tracking capabilities. Sending out e-newsletters with timely articles is important, but seeing who actually clicks which links, what pages on your website they visit and for how long they stayed, offers true insight. This real time insight into lead interaction enables marketing to measure precisely those (hot) leads that are ready to be passed to sales and those (warm) not quite ready to buy.

It takes commitment to effectively use email marketing for a lead nurturing program. It’s not expensive to take on an email lead nurturing process, but it’s critical that it occurs on a regular basis to be effective. ROI is another important factor that must be accounted for in a lead nurturing process. You must measure the return you receive through the nurturing process to accurately determine the value of your investment.

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