Marketing Technology Alone Won't Drive Sales Results

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It’s about getting marketing results, not just implementing marketing automation technology

So what do we mean when we say it’s about marketing results, not just marketing automation technology? Isn’t it really the same thing? Isn’t technology the silver bullet for marketing to finally influence revenue?  Not only can marketing do a million things bigger and better, but now your sales team won’t be able to complain about not having quality leads to call.

The conversation we often hear goes something like this… Ok… we’re ready… now what?  I have to set up what?All of that? How do I do that? What’s wrong with the content I have? Who has the time and resources to spend on yet another thing?

As the months go by and a few emails “drip” out of the system and no effective nurturing or engagement has occurred, the CFO wants to know what kind of return you’ve received from that wiz-bang new marketing automation system.  And the sales team wants to know when those “sales ready” leads you promised are hitting their CRM system/call lists.

The reality is that plugging in the latest marketing technology won’t drive marketing results, however, building effective nurturing campaigns while utilizing marketing automation technology will.

If you trying to drive marketing results in a timely manner, then most likely you’ll need to get started as quickly as possible with something that fits your business… with people and technology that can help you get there.  Something that works with the way your prospects buy.  It’s something that works within your marketing and sales process.  Knowing how to do effective nurturing, understanding digital behavior, utilizing scoring specific to your business, integrating the marketing process within your sales process, and more is what garners marketing results.

Thinking that technology itself will solve the problem or that you’ll have the time to do it right from the beginning is wishful thinking.

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