Improving Results Through Segmentation

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I hear you – it’s hard enough to manually provide content-rich newsletters on a monthly basis to stay in touch with your prospect base.   In reality, the one-size-fits-all content rich newsletter doesn’t help unlock potential prospect engagement and growth.

Most likely, your click rate averages (maybe 1 – 2% depending on how warm the list is) and often it’s the same prospects clicking month to month.  In essence, the remaining 98% of your list is not engaging.  Are they no longer interested in your products or services or are they just not engaged in the content?

To grow this engagement and understand more about your prospect base, you need to start segmenting your prospect base and corresponding content sent.

Assuming you have little to no information for segmentation, you can start by accumulating data about your leads by providing different links and different landing page content from your monthly newsletter.  Then start analyzing who showed interest (via their digital behavior) in the different subjects (such as topics related to your products and services).

With automation, you’ll start accumulating an interest pattern per lead.  This will give you the ability to target content specifically to what that lead has shown interest in. You should see a lift in engagement and conversion rates.  You can also consider how this same strategy and intelligence can be leveraged by your sales organization.

In addition, if you have demographic/firmographic information, that basic segmentation will often help provide more engagement through relevant, targeted content. If you don’t already have some of that information, you could start providing materials (with papers, webinars, etc) that require a sign up for access.  With this sign up you could ask for more details (don’t ask for the information you already have – technology should provide a pre-fill capability).  Be careful not to ask for too much too soon.  The material will have to be worth the value to the prospect to give up their information.

We have seen basic segmentation and behavior based segmentation dramatically help our customer’s engagement. Increases from 2% to over 12% per send are often reported.  As in most things with lead management, you can take small steps and improve engagement with segmentation strategies.

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