Complexity of Marketing Automation

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People will often ask us the following question:

“The product seems so intuitive, easy to use – how hard can it be?”

The problem is not necessarily the product  but the application of technology that adds the complexity and strategy.  Typical software vendors who don’t truly understand marketing and sales will simply just throw in features with no reason or logical flow.  Dragging and dropping “if” conditions and actions aren’t that difficult to perform.  Knowing that you need to segment your leads into a target audience list to include in a campaign doesn’t strike fear in most marketers.

The missing piece of the equation is the thought process and strategy for how to apply marketing automation technology to accomplish your business goals.

What is an effective nurturing campaign for your business?  Who are you targeting? How effective are your messages and content?  What landing pages call to actions will drive prospect behavior?  Are your offers and content compelling at the appropriate point in the sales cycle?  What are the buying signs within your prospect base?

These questions and so many more come into play for the lead management process and each campaign you setup in your marketing automation system. If the ultimate goal of applying these systems to your business is to drive revenue, than there are a number of more complex decisions that must be made about how to flow leads to sales, how sales interprets those leads and so much more.

If you think marketing automation is a matter of pushing a few buttons or attaching a number of leads to your campaign, then you (and your company) aren’t going to achieve the full potential benefits from marketing automation.

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