LeadLife Spent the Time and Money…Not our Customers

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Campaign BuilderLeadLife Solutions announced the release of our new marketing automation technology…yes a totally new product – written from scratch.  We decided to start from scratch with this new release, not because it’s cheaper but because it was the right thing to do to help our customers become more successful.

For years, LeadLife has worked alongside our customers to implement lead management strategies using our marketing automation technology. From maximizing inbound lead generation ROI, to driving trade show leads, to helping sales reps get more value out of the new lead intelligence provided by the technology.

It was apparent to us that although our marketing automation technology was fully featured and powerful, even more could be done to make it more useful. 

Focus research shows that less than 25% of companies with marketing automation platforms use them to their full potential. This is not because marketing automation doesn’t work, but because the technology was becoming too difficult to use.

We wanted to create a technology that worked the way the user thought about their nurturing campaigns, providing features needed for success, while reducing clutter caused by surplus features or a difficult user interface.

In addition, over the course of time working in this marketplace, it’s apparent that organizations suffer not just from a lack of appropriate technology,  but from a lack of resources and the expertise to maximize their lead generation dollars and drive more revenue in a timely matter.  The CRM phenomenon was starting to rear its ugly head in this market – with lots of features and a not so easy to use technology. In addition, a lack of resources to implement effectively left customers with lots of promise but little to show for their efforts.

So we decided to take action.

We created a new product with a totally new user experience – simple, yet powerful. In addition, we integrate our technology with lead management experts who act as an extension of your marketing department – delivering well designed and executed lead management campaigns.

To learn more about our new technology release, please read the following press release.

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