Marketing and Sales Execution – Closing the Performance Gap for Sellers, Coaches and Content Creators

Hey, we’ve been there and done that.

We know that most companies are not hitting their forecasts and there are a number of factors why.  There aren’t enough marketing qualified leads being sent to sales, and sales teams aren’t able to articulate their value proposition well enough to differentiate. In the end, only 48% of forecasted deals are won.  Who can live with that?

LeadLife was founded and designed by experts with lots of sales, marketing and customer relationship management experiences. We understand the pressures placed on sales and marketing departments to hit numbers.

Whether it’s a sales execution tool, a marketing automation solution or both, LeadLife’s proven platform provides companies flawless execution of their marketing and sales strategies.  And we are there to help.

This unique blend of technology and customer intimacy has helped our clients achieve some impressive results:

  • Increase online and offline business by 150%
  • Increase in qualified leads by more than 75%
  • Decrease in sales cycle from months to weeks
  • Increase in first call contact success rate by 85%
  • Decrease in cost of sales by 10% or more
  • Improve conversion rate of up to 3x

Results like that don’t come from just ready-to-use email marketing software, or outdated sales enablement solutions or just from your CRM system.  Isn’t it time for real sale and marketing execution?  Trust LeadLife to provide your marketing and sales departments with the technology needed to finally hit your numbers.