Actionable Insights

Visibility into Content Success

In a recent Aberdeen research brief about marketing and sales alignment, it was found that 40% of companies need to improve their ability to differentiate from competition and better articulate their own company’s value proposition to grow revenue. That suggests that the current marketing to the masses content strategy is no longer adequate. Prospects are coming into the sales process with much more information, better educated and further down the buy cycle. This means that content marketing strategies need to evolve and provide 1 to 1 messaging and call scripts specific to the prospect through the pipeline. From the early stages of the buy cycle that might be fully electronic through the sales process once the sales person starts a conversation.

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Visibility into Prospects Digital Footprint

Aligning sales conversations with the buyer has always been a challenge but now that challenge is far greater with the buyer going through 60% of the buy cycle without even talking to someone at your company. With the plethora of information and resources available online the buyer can get the majority of their information without having a conversation with the supplier or vendor. So what can sales teams do to be prepared when the buyer actual does pick up the phone? Those that use SalesTalk, can see the digital behaviors or footprint that the buyer has left.

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Visibility into Coaching Facts

Why is it of forecasted deals only 48% of them turn into wins? (CSO Insights) It seems that sales managers have had the same challenges since the beginning of time – how to better forecast (win more), enforce sales process and practices, find and correct those that aren’t following a defined process and more. There are CRM systems and forecasting tools that most companies utilize to increase their sales effectiveness and increase the odds of predictability, but that’s not enough.

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