How to Implement an Integrated Lead Scoring Strategy for your Clients

The more leads you send to sales the better, right? Not really. The challenge with generating a high volume of leads is separating the good, quality leads from the people who are just clicking around. This is where a lead management strategy, specifically lead scoring, comes in. Before you begin diving into the lead scoring […]

Getting the the buy-in for revising your lead management process

Revising your lead management process is do-able without completely disrupting your current processes or changing the entire culture of the organization. The most important tip is to start small. Mapping out a strategy is essential, understanding what makes sense for your company is key, but work to implement these changes in phases. We all must […]

Cold to close should be a natural process for leads

Lately there has been a lot of discussion about how salespeople need to embrace the concept of early stage nurturing and how if done correctly, can make qualification through closing a very natural process. We’ve seen some issues within our customer base where there’s a gap between thought leadership nurturing and conversion.  The customer is […]

6 Lead Management Tactics to Drive Client Success

Lead Management is a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy that utilizes lead nurturing and marketing automation to drive client revenue. Lead management allows you to track, capture, respond and manage client leads. 1.       Work directly with sales to determine when a lead is ‘sales ready’ We cannot stress this point enough. In order to provide […]

Implementing a Marketing Qualified Lead Strategy for Your Clients

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead? A Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a prospect that is more likely to be a customer compared to other leads based on their digital activity before converting. As a Marketing Agency, if you only send MQL’s to your clients, then Sales spends less time qualifying a lead and more […]

5 Resolutions That Will Make Your Lead Nurturing More Successful

The start of a new year gives us the opportunity to revise, re-evaluate and revitalize. While New Years’ resolutions are often personal goals and objectives, it’s often a good time to look at what we are doing professionally as well. This time of the year affords us the opportunity to make sure our programs are […]

The Link of Marketing Automation and the Sales Process

Unlike other software vendors in the market, we work side by side with our customers applying LeadLife’s marketing automation software to their businesses. This isn’t a knock on the competitors; it’s just that we have a different business model than the others.  Customer intimacy and value is really what drives us.  Why else would you […]

Digital Behaviors: Why they are important to your clients

Effective lead nurturing campaigns all have one thing in common: digital behavior tracking and scoring. But before you can track or score them, it’s important to understand them. You’ve probably used your context clues by now and deduced that digital behaviors are simply behaviors performed digitally. That is, a prospect has clicked on an email, […]