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5 Resolutions That Will Make Your Lead Nurturing More Successful

The start of a new year gives us the opportunity to revise, re-evaluate and revitalize. While New Years’ resolutions are often personal goals and objectives, it’s often a good time to look at what we are doing professionally as well. This time of the year affords us the opportunity to make sure our programs are […]

5 Email Marketing Myths to Avoid

We have all heard them from our boss, our coworkers and even our clients: common email marketing misconceptions that come from….well, we don’t really know where they come from.  Despite the anonymity, these myths are ever-present in the marketing world. But when your job is to produce effective email marketing campaigns, it’s important to fully […]

Want High Conversion Rates? Think First About List Quality

Did you know that according to Zoominfo that each year: job titles or job functions change 66%, phone numbers change 44%, and email changes 37%. So every year your data gets further out of date and of little value to your marketing and sales efforts. How can you convert leads into sales when you aren’t […]

What does lead nurturing mean to a digital agency?

It’s probably safe to assume the majority of your clients would like to drive more qualified leads, get more value out of the lead generation dollars they are spending, and know the ROI of their marketing campaigns.   So it’s probably fair to say that lead nurturing can greatly benefit a number of your clients’ businesses.  […]

If Everyone Knows It’s Broke, Why Don’t They Fix It?

It’s interesting…. I was at a networking meeting the other night with a bunch of CEOs of small to midsize companies.  Of course you do the proverbial approach person, introduce yourself, ask their name (name tags certainly are saviors) and ask what their company does.  When it gets to my turn to tell them about […]

Nurturing to Conversion – It Should Be Natural

Lately I’ve seen several blogs discussing how salespeople need to embrace the concept of early stage nurturing and how if done correctly, can make qualification through closing a very natural process.   We’ve seen some issues within our customer base where there’s a gap between thought leadership nurturing and conversion.  The customer is very happy that […]

Second Quarter Already – How Full Is Your Pipeline?

We are continually talking to CSOs about how nurturing helps drive revenue.  Easy to say, but what does that really mean.  How does technology and process around nurturing help fill a pipeline?  As I speak to more and more VPs of Sales and sales people, I’m reminded of the potential “gold” that sits within their […]

Nurture to Call – When’s the Right Time?

  I’ve recently had some conversations with our clients about the best time to make an outbound call on the leads that are being nurtured. Our clients understand that making outbound calls too early in the process could actually disengage the lead from interest in their company. With b2b buyers going through 60% of their […]

The Definition of Insanity in Marketing Automation

 “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Let me share a story that would make Einstein cringe. I like doing sales calls – I get to listen to prospects and discover what they need and how it compares to what we offer. The other thing I enjoy doing is […]