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Second Quarter Already – How Full Is Your Pipeline?

We are continually talking to CSOs about how nurturing helps drive revenue.  Easy to say, but what does that really mean.  How does technology and process around nurturing help fill a pipeline?  As I speak to more and more VPs of Sales and sales people, I’m reminded of the potential “gold” that sits within their […]

Nurture to Call – When’s the Right Time?

  I’ve recently had some conversations with our clients about the best time to make an outbound call on the leads that are being nurtured. Our clients understand that making outbound calls too early in the process could actually disengage the lead from interest in their company. With b2b buyers going through 60% of their […]

Need Hot Leads? It All Starts With The Data

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of being on a webinar with Don Wynns, VP of Business Development at ZoomInfo. The webinar was titled “The 4 Keys for Turning Cold Leads into Sales-Ready Opportunities” and focused on what is necessary to move unknown and/or cold leads into opportunities that flow through the pipeline. At LeadLife […]

Maximize Sales With A Funnel That Doesn’t Leak Leads

I had the pleasure of doing a webinar last week with Matt Smith from 3Forward. Matt’s not just a great guy, but his company 3Forward has been a partner and customer of LeadLife’s for years.  I bring this up because 3Forward is a sales consulting company.  They know how to help organizations with complex sales […]

The Agency Dilemma: Taking The Plunge Into Marketing Automation

I just read a great blog post from Harvard Business Review titled “What the Marketing Agency of the Future Will Do Differently” that really hit home. I’ve been talking to a ton of marketing agencies interested in white labeling LeadLife’s marketing automation  technology and services into their business because it’s a natural fit.  This article […]

Social Media and Lead Nurturing Are Forever Linked For Lead Generation

I very recently participated in a webinar with Scott Miller, president of Social123. It was a lot of fun and, quite frankly, the content was much more relevant to marketers than I’d first thought before I met Scott. Many of us know we need to have a presence in the world of social media by […]

Are You “First in Mind” With Potential Buyers?

Many marketers struggle with the right way to generate leads. Most know that “spray and pray” marketing does not work anymore and have adopted lead nurturing strategies.  But just because you’re nurturing, are you focused on sending the right content, to the right prospect, at the right time? Are you dedicating enough time to creating […]

Want Customer Advocates? Start Early With Lead Nurturing

I just presented a webinar with David Nour, CEO of The Nour Group, titled “Five Keys to Creating Customer Advocates: How Effective Lead Nurturing Sets the Stage.” It was a blast! David is an international speaker and the author of many outstanding books that revolve around the concept that relationships are the greatest “off-balance-sheet” asset […]