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The Struggling Sales Executive

Last week I presented at the Outsourcing Institute’s Atlanta Summit. This was one in a series of summits conducted by the organization, geared toward sales and marketing executives working for vendors that provide outsourcing services. I had previously been to the summit in NYC, as well, and a few things really ring clear after talking […]

The Evolution of the Marketing Agency (or Not)

I’ve been speaking with marketing agencies a lot lately. We have channel partners that resell, and in some cases, private-label, LeadLife and many of them are marketing agencies. I have to say that I see a great divide in these organizations. Some see the change in marketing and are adapting accordingly to take advantage, thus […]

The Definition of Insanity in Marketing Automation

 ”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Let me share a story that would make Einstein cringe. I like doing sales calls – I get to listen to prospects and discover what they need and how it compares to what we offer. The other thing I enjoy doing is […]

Stop Starving Sales Of Real Opportunities

Sales and marketing goals have been unaligned for some time now since marketing has typically been focused on lead quantity. But with the limited ability of most companies now to throw money into lead generation without financial return, the cost of this misalignment is steeper than ever before. According to MarketingSherpa’s 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark […]

Forecasting 2013 Marketing Automation Success

Expand on lessons learned in 2012. By Lisa Cramer Posted Dec 14, 2012 As a practitioner in the field of marketing automation, I lead a team that helps end-user companies with strategy, content, and execution. This has provided me with tremendous insights into what is actually being accomplished within those organizations that are using marketing automation, […]

Forecasting 2013 Marketing Automation Success: Lessons Learned in 2012

CRM Magazine recently ran my commentary on what I see as being important for marketers to know in 2013, and lessons we all can learn from 2012. Unlike typical vendors in our field, LeadLife has chosen a different path – one that includes experts that help customers with strategy, content and execution. This has provided me […]