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Stop Starving Sales Of Real Opportunities

Sales and marketing goals have been unaligned for some time now since marketing has typically been focused on lead quantity. But with the limited ability of most companies now to throw money into lead generation without financial return, the cost of this misalignment is steeper than ever before. According to MarketingSherpa’s 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark […]

Forecasting 2013 Marketing Automation Success

Expand on lessons learned in 2012. By Lisa Cramer Posted Dec 14, 2012 As a practitioner in the field of marketing automation, I lead a team that helps end-user companies with strategy, content, and execution. This has provided me with tremendous insights into what is actually being accomplished within those organizations that are using marketing automation, […]

Forecasting 2013 Marketing Automation Success: Lessons Learned in 2012

CRM Magazine recently ran my commentary on what I see as being important for marketers to know in 2013, and lessons we all can learn from 2012. Unlike typical vendors in our field, LeadLife has chosen a different path – one that includes experts that help customers with strategy, content and execution. This has provided me […]

Let’s Get Back to the Basics

Last week, I was on a panel for the Outsourcing Institute in NYC, geared toward sales and marketing executives of service provider companies. Most of these companies are multi-nationals with fairly good-sized sales and marketing teams. While I was there to speak, what was really interesting to me is that I realized just how many […]

Lead Nurturing Success: Customers Say It Best

I just got off a webinar that we did with The Outsourcing Institute and one of our customers, RunE2E.  RunE2E’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alex Gramling, gave a detailed snapshot of how they moved from email marketing to nurturing campaigns that provided them with better lead quality and a 20% increase in pipeline opportunities. It’s always […]

The Need for Digital Marketing Talent

I recently read an article in Direct Marketing News titled “CMOs Declare 2013 the Year of Digital.” It certainly wasn’t surprising to hear about the increasing need for CMOs to spend more on digital strategies and activities. What was perhaps surprising, however, was the talent-related points it made with regard to individuals within companies and […]

Simplifying Relevant Content Creation

I was reading a MarketingProfs article the other day called “A Three-Step Approach for Linking Content and Behavior: Measuring Relevancy.” The article was very good and showed how relevancy is a key measure we all struggle to obtain. The article suggested that complex modeling is often the only true way to evaluate how relevant your […]

Content Success Depends on Your Data

I recently read a MarketingProfs article that delved into the need for good data, including what kind of data is really considered good and how you can use it to your advantage in lead generation/nurturing programs. The article had some interesting points: People are not giving up much information early in the process like they […]

Is Your Lead Nurturing Engine Getting the “Fuel” It Needs?

Reading an interesting article in MarketingProfs the other day prompted me to think about our customer base and content creation. The article, titled “B2Bs Lack Collaborative Processes for Content Creation,” referenced a study conducted by Corporate Visions on how content is created within organizations today. The gist of it was this: Although businesses are waking […]

Marketing Automation ROI – Are you “still working on it”?

On Wednesday, I presented a webinar with the Outsourcing Institute about the shifts that are occurring in marketing and sales to drive profitability in businesses.  There were some interesting questions and polling information that came from the attendees. Specifically, marketing and sales departments are still struggling to move out of the legacy lead management process […]