Visitor Insights

Turn anonymous website visitors into revenue – get our free Visitor Insights tool Your website is a great marketing tool, but it can also be a black hole that doesn’t reveal who is visiting and why. LeadLife offers its powerful Visitor Insights anonymous web tracking feature as a free, standalone tool that captures critical information […]

CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate campaigns with your CRM system, making it easy to send qualified leads to sales, re-nurture leads that aren’t ready to buy and track campaign ROI. LeadLife integrates with SalesForce, SugarCRM and Microsoft CRM right out of the box.

Reports & Analytics

Identify and monitor prospects in real-time with over 70 built-in reports and dashboards. The best part of marketing automation is that marketing processes and lead management finally become repeatable and measurable. LeadLife’s visual reports and analytics allow you to optimize marketing tactics and budget, and predict revenue from your campaigns. You can track online behaviors, […]


Use social media publishing in your nurturing campaigns, and track followers and ROI. Make all your campaigns social, and drive traffic to your website with LeadLife’s social media tools for Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Align your social strategies and tactics with your campaigns, so that you can act on response and inquiries including […]


Create target audiences and profiles for improving conversion and generating sales-ready leads. You can create targeted lead nurturing campaigns by easily segmenting your database based on key attributes including demographic and/or behavioral criteria. Behavior tracking Track lead activity by what webpages they visit, how much time they spend on each page, which resources they download, […]


Automate your manual marketing tasks. Set up sales rep alerts, score engaged leads, send leads to specific campaigns, and send leads to your CRM based on their behaviors on your website. Scoring Scoring applies points for actions such as attending a trade show, time spent on a landing page, form completion, and determining which leads […]

Campaign Builder

Create campaigns that get noticed. Generate leads that make sales reps happy. Set up simple email campaigns, as well as sophisticated drip and nurturing sequences with the click of a mouse. Triggers The trigger-based decision tool allows you to set up a series of conditions that automatically sends additional content to prospects based on who […]