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Create target audiences and profiles for improving conversion and generating sales-ready leads.

You can create targeted lead nurturing campaigns by easily segmenting your database based on key attributes including demographic and/or behavioral criteria.

Behavior tracking

Track lead activity by what webpages they visit, how much time they spend on each page, which resources they download, etc. You can also evaluate each lead as it becomes an opportunity and goes through the sales stages.

A/B Testing

What’s the best day to send your email marketing campaign? What kind of subject line works best? What kind of call to action gets attention? Use A/B testing for increasing response rates and conversions.

Visitor Insights

Turn anonymous web visitors into qualified suspects by tracking who is visiting, what they are looking at, and which companies are browsing your website – even if the visitors don’t fill out a form.

Visitor Insights is also offered as a free stand-alone component you can use without purchasing a LeadLife subscription.