“Recurring revenue? Sign me up!”

What if you could offer your clients a free, simple tool that demonstrates the value of your services, delivers leads to your clients and pays you recurring revenue every month?

Join LeadLife’s affiliate program, and immediately you can provide your clients with our Visitor Insights web site visitor and analytics tool as a free service, and at no cost to you.  Your clients will appreciate the sales and marketing value that Visitor Insights tracking data can provide to their organizations. If they upgrade to LeadLife’s full service marekting automation, you get 15% of their monthly subscription.

LeadLife’s free Visitor Insights tool provides daily reports to your clients that details WHO is visiting their site, WHAT they are interested in, and WHEN they are reviewing web pages.

  • Enhance the value of your services by offering clients a tool that improves their revenue opportunities
  • Demonstrate a “before” and “after” ROI by placing the tool on their site prior to your services, then demonstrate your improvements in the form of new leads that are delivered to them
  • Earn a recurring, monthly revenue stream:  15% of each monthly subscription that comes from clients who upgrade to LeadLife’s Marketing Automation technology
  • Once Visitor Insights is installed, your clients can seamlessly upgrade to LeadLife’s full marketing automation technology and take advantage of lead nurturing, lead scoring, sales rep alerts, CRM integration and much more.

The Nour Group, Inc. generated 15 new leads on the first day of installation. 
They closed the first sale for $48,500 from the Visitor Insights in the first week.

Read the Nour Group Case Study.

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