Marketing Automation: The Private Label Option

It’s easier than you think to make marketing automation a part of your business. If your organization provides products or services to marketing and/or sales departments, you are perfect to integrate marketing automation into your business and most importantly, without diffusing your brand. Private labeling marketing automation provides a cohesive, integrated method to increasing recurring revenue, retaining clients and building brand recognition.

How does marketing automation help your business?


As a company who sells to marketing and sales departments within companies, it’s your responsibility to continue to “justify” your existing.  For instance, if you generate leads for companies, they are constantly questioning the value of those leads – are they qualified, are there enough, etc.  How does your customer know they are getting an ROI for the money they are paying you?  Same with the sales side, if you work with sales teams to increase effectiveness, outside of a project-based service, how do you continually help them month in and month out? How can you make sure that they track the value that you’ve brought to an increase in revenue?  With marketing automation you can not only track the metrics that lead to increases in revenue but you can also help to make sure that the client does receive the value from your services.  Going back to those that generate leads for their customers, if out of 100 raw leads only 4 – 7 are ready to buy (Meclabs), then how can you help make sure the other 93- 96 leads aren’t wasted?  They need to be nurtured over time and sent to sales when ready.

Competitive advantage

Adding a marketing automation solution to your offerings adds a competitive advantage to your business.  The market is large and rapidly growing.  In fact, marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM-related segment in the last 5 years (Focus Research).  Clients are becoming extremely well educated on the need for digital tracking, lead nurturing (drip marketing), lead scoring and more.  If you are not offering this to your client, make sure you are aware that someone else is and that means they could be eating into budget that’s allocated for your services. Adding a private labeled marketing automation solution keeps your brand top of mind and provides the needed services for your clients.

Increase recurring revenue/minimize customer churn

It’s easy to talk about increasing your revenue but often difficult to execute with limited head count. Marketing automation provides a great way to not just drive revenue but monthly recurring revenue.  Marketing automation solutions become embedded in your clients’ lead-to-revenue process, becoming essential components of the pipeline building function.  Marketing automation systems are always tracking leads, delivering emails, flowing leads to sales, maximizing the return on events and more.  Your company becomes that much more important to your client’s business, and minimizing customer churn.

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