• The 4 Key Actions That Define and Build a Sales Funnel That Won’t Leak

    With 68% of companies stating they don’t have a defined Marketing-Sales funnel process and 61% sending every lead directly to sales*, it’s no wonder that sales is struggling. Matt Smith, strategic sales expert, and EVP for sales enablement consultants 3Forward discusses the four key actions you can take today to reduce these problems and turn your pipeline into profitability.

  • The 4 Keys for Turning Cold Leads Into Sales-Ready Opportunities

    It’s tempting to try and rush your cold prospects through your sales process simply because you need to convert them into paying customers. But in B2B sales, you must earn the prospect’s trust by knowing and tracking their interests, and nurturing them with relevant content and education.

  • 3 Essential Steps for Turning Inbound Social Prospects into Sales-Ready Leads

    An integral part of the sales process is getting to know your prospects and establishing relationships. Prioritizing social prospects allows you to segment those leads by specific categories of interest. When coupled with marketing automation and a lead nurturing strategy, campaigns become more tailored to the lead’s interest which allows your sales team to respond and communicate more intelligently and effectively.

  • 5 Keys to Creating Customer Advocates: How Lead Nurturing Sets the Stage

    David Nour, international speaker and author of “Relationship Economics” and “Return on Impact: Leadership Strategies for the Age of Connected Relationships,” provides a refreshing view on how companies can create the right environment for developing customer advocates by becoming a trusted resource from early engagement and through-out the customer life cycle.

  • The 3 Ways Lead Nurturing Generates Demand (And Why Sales Loves It)

    Sales enablement expert, founder of the ROI Selling Program, and CEO of ROI4Sales, Michael Nick will share the 3 ways a proper nurturing strategy provides Sales with insights into a prospects digital behavior (emails opened, links executed, web content reviewed, etc.), and how that data creates better quality leads and a faster sales cycle.

  • How RunE2E Increased Their Sales Pipeline by 20% with Lead Nurturing

    Learn how LeadLife client RunE2E successfully implemented a lead nurturing strategy to increase their pipeline and sales effectiveness.

  • Mining for Content Gold: Using Interviews to Create Great Content

    Learn tips from Brain Traffic’s founder, Kristina Halvorson, on how to identify the right people to interview, and how to conduct those interviews to create content that is relevant to your audience and makes an emotional connection.