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Free tools, articles, and resources about best practices in lead management and nurturing.

  • Marketing Automation: The Private Label Option – eGuide

    It’s easier than you think to make marketing automation a part of your business. If your organization provides products or services to marketing and/or sales departments, you are perfect to integrate marketing automation into your business and most importantly, without diffusing your brand. Private labeling marketing automation provides a cohesive, integrated method to increasing recurring revenue, retaining clients and building brand recognition.

  • 7 Steps for Fast Lead Management ROI and Visibility – White Paper

    Because marketers are time, budget and resource-constrained, one question is asked consistently: How can we start down the road to improved lead management without overhauling our entire operations in a lengthy, three to six-month implementation?

  • The Cost of Not Nurturing Leads: The Legacy You are Stuck in and the Steps Essential to Change It – White Paper

    The legacy process of doing business is extremely costly. The huge costs seem to be the amount of money spent on new lead generation, the cost of losing or leaking leads throughout the sales process, and finally the considerable cost of hiring and training more sales reps. Let’s analyze each of these elements and then we’ll look at what to do differently that allows a company to get away from the legacy processes that have evolved and drive more sales with less.

  • Changing Expectations: The Future of Lead Management – White Paper

    CEOs (and CFOs) often view the marketing department as a cost center, rather than a revenue engine, because they can’t quantify a return on investment. Marketing needs to start gaining visibility to additional metrics that go beyond traditional opens and clicks. They need to start tracking the number of qualified leads passed to sales and where those leads flow through the funnel into opportunities and sales.

  • Improve Your Conversion Rates With A/B Testing – Tip Sheet

    Depending on guesswork alone to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns does not cut it anymore. It’s important that each time you send emails or drive someone to a landing page; you are focused on delivering the most important and relevant information to your audience. By testing your campaigns early on, you’ll see results that add to the ROI of your marketing automation.

  • Lead Nurturing: The Secret to Successful Lead Generation

    With economic instability, lead nurturing is more critical than ever before. It’s also becoming increasingly important for both sales and marketing to take accountability for maximizing opportunities from new prospects and existing customers.

  • 7 Steps To Improve Your Conversion Rates Now

    DemandGen Report discusses seven steps that are crucial in order to help marketing increase conversion rates and track the entire lead lifecycle.

  • Real Marketing Analytics for Lead Generation

    Marketing analytics has always been the buzzword for insight about the success of your marketing programs. But it actually has multiple meanings and can take marketing departments in many different directions.

  • Lead Lifecycle Management: Building a Pipeline that Never Leaks

    Over 80% of B2B organizations struggle with a lack of synergy between the sales and marketing functions. This misalignment leads to lost revenue opportunities and leaks in the pipeline.

  • Forget the ABCs of Lead Scoring

    In the age of the Internet, lead scoring has become crucial for marketers. Leads must be scored and prioritized for appropriate action.

  • Lead Life Cycle Optimization

    80% of all leads produced by marketing are not followed up on by sales. A recent industry analyst report by CSO Insights reveals that many organizations could be at risk.

  • Be First in Mind

    Being first in mind with leads, prospects, and customers means maximizing your sales and marketing resources and your revenue.