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If Content is King, We Give You Your Crown

Proving the return on investment of marketing automation can be a challenge for even the most experienced marketer. That’s why we offer enhanced campaign creation and strategy service packages that put you on the right course to meet your objectives.

If Content is King, LeadLife Gives You Your CrownNot a LeadLife technology customer? No problem. We offer our packages to anyone who needs a little, or a lot of, help.

  • Content Creation & Design (Emails, Landing Pages, Articles and Blog posts)
  • Lead Nurturing and Execution
  • Webinar Pre/and Post Event Execution
  • Lead Scoring Strategy Assessment
  • A/B Testing Creation & Execution
  • Lead to Sales Assessment

Check out our super-affordable packages.

Content Creation & Marketing Strategy Services Packages

Your assigned Content Marketing Strategist can provide help with content creation, campaign strategy, and lead management best practices. These time-saving packages are super affordable and can be purchased with or without a subscription to LeadLife’s marketing automation technology.

Marketing Strategy Services Packages:

Service Packages Costs

Lead Nurturing & Execution

Design nurturing strategies based on customer objectives. Nurturing strategies could be determined based on upcoming events, new product/service offerings or specific segmentations. Strategy includes concept and approach to campaign, content outline – emails and landing pages. LeadLife will design the campaign within the LeadLife tool for quick execution.

$750 per Campaign

Webinar/Event Pre- & Post Execution

Have an event coming up and want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Whether an online webinar or a tradeshow, LeadLife can provide the strategy for pre-event and post event nurturing. LeadLife will design the pre-event nurturing approach to attract attendees as well as post nurturing strategy for attendees and registrants who were non-attendees.

$750 per event

Lead Scoring Strategy Assessment

Prioritize leads, determine real engagement – those are just some of the reasons to implement lead scoring. LeadLife’s Strategists will analyze your lead to sales process and help to design a lead scoring schema. They will help you to determine appropriate behaviors to score, attributes to score, scoring thresholds, triggers based on scoring and how to measure scoring success. Includes services statement of work with detailed action items.

$250 assessment – scoped services additional

A/B Testing Creation & Execution

How do you maximize email effectiveness? There are many components and A/B testing can help. LeadLife’s Content Marketing Strategists can help you to optimize your email deliverability, open and click rate through A/B testing. Whether it’s subject lines, email content, graphics and more, A/B testing can provide the metrics you need for email success.

$350 per A/B Test

Lead to Sales Assessment

LeadLife’s Specialists help organizations define their “sales ready” lead. When is the hand off between marketing and sales? How does Sales use the information that has been handed off by Marketing? What kind of re-nurturing should be implemented to protect leads from leaking out of the funnel? How telemarketing or inside sales should be integrated into this process? Includes services statement of work with detailed action items.

$250 assessment – scoped services additional
**Hourly services are available at $120/hour.

Content Creation Packages:

Content Package Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
$1,250 $4,500 $8,500
Email Page Content Creation 3 emails 3 emails 5 emails
Landing Page Content Creation 3 pages 3 pages 5 pages
Article 1 article 2 articles 3 articles
Case Study 2 case studies 3 case studies
Blog Post 1 blog post 3 blog posts
Nurturing Campaign: Content Creation, Design, Setup 1 campaign 2 campaigns
Weekly Call and Report Review X X