Solution 1

Only 48% of forecasted deals are won. (CSO Insights)

Complexity of sale and prospect

In addition to the lack of visibility (actionable insights), the increasing complexity in sales and the prospect’s knowledge, makes it more difficult for sales reps to win forecasted deals.   The prospect is coming into the meeting with the sales rep much more knowledgeable of what they want, what’s available and what analysts are saying.  They are going through 60% of the buy cycle without even talking to a rep from the vendor (corporate executive Board).  What can sales reps do to have a better chance of winning?  How can sales management increase this win rate percentage?  SalesTalk from LeadLife Solutions is a sales execution tool that increases performance among sellers, coaches and message creators.

Stuck Deals

Do you have an issue with forecasted deals getting stuck?  Are your reps moving deals along with high impact actionable email follow- up?  Are they utilizing best practice content provided by your company’s experts or making things up on the fly? Having best practice, high value messages consistently constructed, delivered, and more importantly engaged by the buyer, is critical to moving deals forward.

Sales Training

Have you spent thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions on sales training only to have reps revert to their pre-training habits and behaviors? Did you know that within 30 days of a training event, 79% of what people have been taught is forgotten? (Richardson) Delivering training content to the sales rep – visually, on-demand, and in a contextual manner for every sales call, thus providing the most effect way to both learn and use the training material to close more business.

Sales reps can increase  close rates by aligning sales conversations with prospects’ interest  and having access to on-demand sales stage specific questions, positioning, pricing, competitive info and more. With SalesTalk Sales reps know exactly what to say, when they need to at each prospect touch point.

Keep the sales cycle on track, with high value, relevant pre-defined email content and get full tracking of what your prospect was interested in or not. Real-time alerts notify you when the prospect is looking and it’s time to make a call.

Sales managers – SalesTalk can help under achievers (move B players to A players) and make their numbers by ensuring consistency of messaging, content and questions available as needed through the sales process for all reps.  Managers can now coach on actionable insights and not just gut.  With SalesTalk, managers can see where reps are spending their time both in prep and while on calls with each prospect.  Are you’re a players spending a good percentage of time in qualification and discovery, while the B players seem to go straight to the demo?

And for marketers, how do you know what sales is using and what’s working and what’s not.  Wouldn’t you want to have one place to provide the sales team with the latest, on-demand messaging and content for each stage of the sales cycle, competitive notes and industry stats? No more emailing the same content over and over.  SalesTalk provides marketers one place to provide best practice content to help the sales team sell more.  Actionable insights for marketers helps them see what content is being used and what content is helping to close business.