Solution 2

The #1 inhibitor to sales – the inability to communicate value.

How do you set yourself apart?  Well according to Sirius Decisions, the number one inhibitor to sales success is the inability to communicate value. Additionally, in an Aberdeen research note, improving position/competitive differentiation to create a unique story is something that 53% of companies are striving to accomplish. It’s the number one most desired strategic action to deliver the right message at the right time to the right prospect.  The inability to communicate value has a number of elements to it.

First your sales team needs to be able to find the best practice content that could be communicated to the prospect that would set them apart. However, in most companies, this is a challenging task with sales reps spending over 7 hours per week, just looking for information for their sales calls. The question becomes what would the rep do with that time if they no longer need to search and if the content needed to move the sale along was at their fingertip.

Second, what content is being provided for sales so that they can effectively communicate value?  If 70% of marketing content that’s provided is not used by the sales force (Sirius Decisions), then they are forced to try and come up with their own content and it’s not working.  The sales team’s inability to communicate value is costing deals and executives know this.  70% of sales and marketing executives said the biggest threat to their growth was their inability to differentiate. (Sales and Marketing Monthly Magazine)

Something needs to be done. Sales reps need to be provided with the latest, best practice content to help them differentiate and effectively sell their value.  Marketers or content creators need to see what content is being used, what is not and why. SalesTalk answers provides both.