Solution 3

74% of companies have poor CRM adoption

SalesTalk works the way the rep works—making them more effective regardless of how they use it.  Sales rep adoption is ridiculously high because reps consider it a system provided for them vs. imposed on them, giving them the power to accurately detail their solution’s value proposition in real time, while simultaneously knowing exactly what each lead is interested in and where they are in the buy cycle.

So, reps love SalesTalk, but they’re not the only ones. Sales managers and marketers love it because it adds value for reps and easily facilitates CRM usage. LeadLife enhances CRM adoption by enabling reps to merely touch conversation boxes on any device to reflect a sales call. By doing this, the sales rep is documenting a call flow that’s automatically entered in their CRM system, saving them from the dreaded “Sunday-night chore” of updating CRM. And most importantly, sales managers will see the progress of each deal as it unfolds. Managing the progression of the sales cycle is seamless, provides visibility into the process, gives context for coaching, and provides structure to prepare and strategize for the next customer call.

But it’s more than just the CRM system – it’s the sales process.  If not followed sales struggles around stuck deals and hitting forecasted numbers ensue. 56.3% of CSOs say that sales effectiveness is their main focus (Accenture/CSO Insights “connecting the dot” study).  However, what sales effectiveness really means is to develop customer-centric methodologies and processes to build loyalty, use a specific process to hire and retain sales talent, and adopt technologies that are aligned with your processes to help the sales reps sell.

Following the company’s sales process has a direct bearing on sales success. According to the survey, sales representatives who use their company’s sales process 90% of the time achieve 70% of their targets. The number drops to 55% for sales people who use a process less than 75% of the time. Likewise, 92% of sales people who consistently used a sales process achieved their quota, whereas only 86% of sales people reached quota without the process. SalesTalk enables you to not only make it easy for reps to follow the sales process but see exactly what they are and are not following.

playwebFor more information on how SalesTalk can enhance CRM Adoption, watch our short video.