Solution 4

Over 40% of companies struggle with lengthening sales cycles

It’s happening to more and more organizations – deals are stuck, sales cycles are lengthening, win ratios are declining. And our sales effectiveness will continue to decline unless organizations change their processes and tools to adjust to the buyer-centric sales model of which we are a victim. It’s no longer good enough to have generic conversations with prospects or a one-size-fits-all messaging approach.  Specific conversations need to occur with each specific prospect and it needs to consistent with the communication supplied to the prospect at the top of the funnel when marketing was communicating.

SalesTalk helps to reduce lengthening sales cycles and give content creators visibility to the ROI on their content.  Through an easy-to-use interface, sales people can have the latest, best practice content so they know what to say for each specific prospect at each point of the sales cycle. Marketers or content creators can see through the actionable insights provided by SalesTalk what content is being used and what content is working and what’s not.

Reps will also see what content the prospect has interacted with before the sales rep has had an opportunity to speak with them.  The Story So Far feature gives reps visibility to what the prospect has communicated with and how to appropriately align the conversation.