3FORWARD helps companies find and create leads, increase wins and accelerate sales. Their services are designed for small to large B2B sales organizations and companies wanting to improve revenues. 3FORWARD works with CEOs, sales leaders and leadership teams interested in market entry, expansion, anchor client strategies, lead creation programs and 2.0 services integration such as research and insight, social media strategy and virtual events.

LeadLife spoke with 3FORWARD about why the two companies make such great partners.

LL:What needs were you seeing in your client base that lead to forming a partnership with LeadLife?

3F: 3FORWARD was no stranger to the problems caused by the misalignment between sales and marketing. Many of our prospective clients weren’t meeting their sales quotas due to a lack of systems and processes. 3FORWARD knew that a marketing automation solution would not only provide additional value to our clients, but it would also help them generate new revenue streams to grow their business.

However, 3FORWARD also realized we didn’t have the internal resources that were needed to execute marketing automation technology strategies, so we turned to LeadLife to offer our clients a complete solution – marketing automation technology supported by lead management specialists.

LL:What was it about LeadLife that made a partnership so attractive?

3F: 3FORWARD worked hand-in-hand with LeadLife to develop strategic lead management programs for our clients. The programs included e-mail nurturing, segmentation, behavioral tracking, scoring models, sales rep alerts, Salesforce.com integration and complete reporting and analysis. Once the plans were finalized, LeadLife staff members set up and executed the campaigns for our clients.

LL:What benefits did 3FORWARD experience from the partnership?

3F: By partnering with LeadLife, 3FORWARD was not only able to attract new clients, but also upsell existing clients. As a result, we were able to win several new major relationships at greater initial contract values and also sell longer duration agreements to help clients maximize their marketing automation investment.

LL:Would you recommend such partnerships to other companies?

3F: The combination of LeadLife’s marketing automation platform, knowledge of best practices and on-demand professional services is a great combination for any company looking to grow fast and avoid increasing fixed overhead costs.

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