Harvey Watt & Co.

With almost 45,000 pilots, Harvey Watt & Co. is the largest provider and manager of Professional Pilot Disability, AeroMedical and Professional Pilot Life Insurance in the United States. Harvey Watt manages the pilot disability programs for almost all U.S. airlines as well as providing supplemental life and disability products.

Facing difficulties with lead nurturing, Harvey Watt details what lead them to LeadLife’s marketing automation solutions.

LL: As a company, what challenges were you facing with your marketing program?

HW: As the largest provider of coverage for pilots, we have a large database, with each of the pilot groups needing to be treated individually since content, resources and rates vary by group. Because of this complex segmentation we needed to gather more data on each group’s unique needs. Add to these challenges, internally we are a small team, necessitating the transition to automated lead nurturing.

LL: What were the primary goals of your campaigns with LeadLife?

HW: As with any company the bottom line comes down to sales. We needed a way to increase the quality of leads and to increase those leads into sales. The objective with LeadLife was to create a lead management process and sales follow-up process.  In doing so we would have to create a strong lead segmentation strategy. Additionally, we wanted to continue to grow our database and generate new applicants.

LL: Can you tell us about the on-boarding and launching process with LeadLife?

HW: The initial stage was more of a discovery phase. LeadLife thoroughly researched and consulted with us to learn about our business landscape. The next step was to develop a segmentation plan to manage the various pilot groups. The final stage was implementation using LeadLife’s technology.

LL: If you would, elaborate a bit more about how the execution of the segmentation campaigns.

HW: LeadLife has a great content development team that was tasked with creating e-mails and landing pages using articles from our library. Due to the fear most pilots have about losing their medical license, the e-mails focused on health issues specific to professional pilots. LeadLife included extra resources such as insurance applications and forms and client testimonials on each landing page. They then used that content as a basis for lead scoring and qualification.

LL: What has been your overall impression of LeadLife Solutions?

HW: LeadLife has become almost like an extension of our company. The technology helped us drive more qualified sales leads and alerted us when we needed to follow up with a prospect. Their lead management specialists allow us to focus on other business critical tasks, while at the same time, we trust them knowing that our leads are being nurtured and qualified automatically. We’ve seen a huge increase in lead engagement and insurance applications downloads over the last few months working with LeadLife. Our pilots are benefiting from the content being delivered, and as a result, they are rewarding us with their business.

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