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RunE2E is a leading provider of integrated IT consulting, workforce and technology solutions. They offer BI, CRM, HCM and Cloud consulting and contingent workforce services to give IT departments greater expertise and more resources. Their technology solutions from leading business software and cloud infrastructure partners help companies of all sizes harness data, increase revenue and enhance efficiency.

LeadLife spoke with Alex Gramling, CMO for RunE2E, about their experience with, and the benefits of, using LeadLife’s marketing automation technology and services.

LL: Alex, what were the business requirements for looking at a marketing automation solution and why did you select LeadLife?

Alex: We were using email marketing, but needed a more robust solution that included campaign and lead management, list management and segmentation, and campaign reporting. We wanted to be able to track back-end metrics on a campaign by campaign basis to see what was working and what was not.

We also wanted triggers that would alert our sales team of lead activity and conversion to opportunities. LeadLife provided all the features we needed.

We’ve been using the solution since December 2011, and have run approximately 12 large campaigns including nurturing campaigns.

LL: What was the initial response from your sales team about LeadLife?

Alex: They had never experienced the benefits of “real-time” alerts regarding new leads coming in from campaigns. They have a mentality to follow-up with each lead that comes in quickly, so LeadLife was now giving them the opportunity to qualify leads much faster.

LL: Have you used LeadLife’s Content Marketing Specialist services to help with implementation and campaign development?

Alex: Yes, we used services to help us get up and running in the beginning. LeadLife assigned a dedicated Content Marketing Strategist to our account that, together with us, conducted a review of our marketing strategy and goals and identified the best way to implement our campaigns using the technology. They also worked with us on a content map that set up a framework for what content would be presented to our leads based on behavior and conversions.

It was great to know we had someone who was there to bounce campaign ideas off of, as well as help us troubleshoot any issues. The system is very intuitive, so it did not take long for us to be self-sufficient. It’s nice to know I can make a call and reach a live person willing to help me with any question.

LL: Can you give us an example of ROI experienced with using LeadLife?

Alex: We used LeadLife’s lead segmentation to target a specific vertical and characteristic of buyer for a new campaign on cloud capabilities. Within a day or so of launching the campaign, we had a direct hit with a large bio-pharma company that turned into five figure deal for us.  Additionally, we grew our pipeline by 20% within the first year of using the technology.

LL: Any plans for your future campaigns and use of LeadLife?

Alex: We’ve become so self-sufficient with the LeadLife solution that we sometimes forget there’s more available in the technology to use to improve our campaigns. We will definitely be reaching out to our Content Marketing Specialist for creative ideas on ways to improve our campaigns and develop new ones.

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