As a global records management company TAB helps companies organize, maintain, secure and access their critical documents and records. With more than 500 employees and offices throughout North America, Amsterdam, London and Sydney, Australia, TAB offers a variety of options and customized solutions to meet each client’s need.

LeadLife spoke with TAB and directly with Ross Nepean, TAB’s vice president of marketing, about the evolution of the company’s lead management process and the ensuing results.

LL: As a business what were the challenges facing TAB and its lead nurturing process?

TAB: In short, we had constrained resources and low prospect engagement rates. Another issue was the actual lead management process itself. Traditionally leads would be sent to the sales team. Shutting off this flow would be too disruptive to the exciting process, so there would need to be a gradual transition.

LL: What were your first steps in creating the new lead nurturing program?

TAB: LeadLife and TAB worked together to identify a segment of leads that had shown interest in a particular service offering. These leads were identified by their digital behavior –resource downloads and/or page views. Any new prospects that exhibited these behaviors would automatically be added to the campaign.

LL: How were these leads then nurtured?

TAB: LeadLife’s content creation team developed a lead nurturing series that focused on the service offering in which the prospects had shown interest. The series consisted of e-mail messages with links to corresponding landing page articles. Each landing page included additional call-to-actions or links to further engage prospects and move them through the buying process.

Nepean: LeadLife helped us put together a compelling lead nurturing campaign that allowed us to deliver relevant and timely content to a specific segment of our prospects.

LL:What was the timeline like to kickoff this process?

Nepean:  By leveraging LeadLife’s expertise in lead management, content strategy and scoring, we were able to quickly develop a strong lead nurturing campaign that truly engaged our prospects. What may have taken months to implement internally, we were able to accomplish in just a couple weeks with their help.

LL: How did the new lead nurturing affect your engagement levels?

TAB: As a company we saw engagement rates increase from an average of 2 percent to more than 15 percent.

LL: How were your concerns with the sales team process addressed? 

TAB: LeadLife implemented a simple scoring model to help the sales team prioritize their time and measure effectiveness. After experiencing the benefits of lead scoring, TAB plans to integrate email rep alerts into our process in order to alert sales when a lead’s score changes.

LL: Are there any final impressions that you would like to share about your experience with LeadLife?

Nepean: I am thrilled with the results and we are working on extending these strategies to other segments of our target audience.

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