The Gents Place

Luxury men’s grooming and lifestyle club, The Gents Place, needed to efficiently capture new leads, collect intelligence, and automatically nurture the relationships with relevant offers.

The Gents Place is a luxury men’s grooming and lifestyle club that provides quality services and products tailored to discerning gentlemen. Its sister company, is a group buying site that delivers exclusive, male-focused offers to pre-qualified members.

Ben Davis, founder and CEO of The Gents Place and, was looking to grow his business and found great success by joining efforts with LeadLife Solutions.

LL: For companies such as The Gents Place and, what were the struggles that lead you to LeadLife?

TGP: Online lead generation was clearly the key to growing the companies, but with limited resources (time, people and budget), the Gents brand needed a partner that could efficiently capture new leads and automatically nurture those relationships. It was also important to capture detailed intelligence in order to create more personalization and improve the redemption rates on promotional offers.

LL: What lead you to LeadLife? 

Davis: As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new ways to grow my business. LeadLife was willing to partner with me and help me implement sophisticated lead generation and nurturing campaigns that once seemed out of reach for small- to medium-sized businesses.

LL: Can you explain what the actual deliverables from LeadLife were. 

TGP: The LeadLife team created online registration forms for promotional offers. Additionally, the landing pages, which were hosted by LeadLife, included brief questionnaires that gave The Gents Place and the ability to collect detailed lead intelligence about each prospect’s demographics and lifestyles. With this data, more targeted e-mail campaigns were launched.

In order to boost redemption rates, the LeadLife team also built auto-responder e-mails that were delivered to new leads once they filled out one of the online questionnaires. Finally, LeadLife put into place a set of scoring rules to identify prospects that would qualify for, the members-only group buying site.

LL: What were the results you saw from the LeadLife program?

Davis: LeadLife has been a tremendous partner for our company. With the help of our lead management specialist, we were able to implement automated lead nurturing campaigns that delivered timely and relevant messages to our prospects. As a result, we’ve seen our online and offline businesses grow by more than 150 percent.

TGP: In addition, the auto-responder e-mails boosted the redemption rates by more than 15 percent, helping to bring more members into the business.

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