The Nour Group

David Nour of The Nour Group, Inc. is the thought leader on Relationship Economics – the quantifiable value of business relationships. David delivers more than 50 keynote speeches annually at leading industry association conferences, corporate meetings, and academic forums and provides consulting, training and development to empower organizations to proactively build, nurture, and leverage relationships towards quantifiable results – delivering a positive return on involvement and investment.

LL: As a company, what challenges were you facing with your lead generation programs?

NG: There were three main areas we need to focus on:

  1. We needed to maximize our inbound lead generation opportunities. We were losing prospective business due to our inability to identify and communicate in a timely manner with all inbound prospects.
  2. We needed to improve awareness. Our marketing team knew they needed to improve their prospect relationships by delivering relevant information to a better targeted audience, and building credibility through thought leadership with the decision-makers.
  3. Better segmentation of our leads and contacts. Our outbound communications were informative but limited in effectiveness because of their lack of specificity in attempting to reach a broad audience. We knew that if we could segment our audience and nurture them with relevant and specific information, we could significantly improve engagement with them.

LL: Can you tell us how you approached the program with LeadLife? 

NG:  Together, LeadLife and The Nour Group, Inc. installed the Visitor Insights code to identify anonymous leads that were visiting the website to evaluate our offerings. These leads – new and some that had been dormant – were identified real-time by their digital behavior providing critical and timely information to the marketing team.

We then installed LeadLife’s Marketing Automation technology to enable us to build meaningful, relevant lead nurturing campaigns to targeted, segmented audiences, and automatically add prospects to the right nurturing campaign.

LL: What were the results?

NG: LeadLife’s Visitor Insights provided a real-time stream of information that generated 15 new leads on the first day. We were able to engage with a prospect within hours of having the lead identified by the Visitor Insights – leading to a $48,500 engagement closed in the first week.

LL: What are your plans for future use of LeadLife?

NG: We will work with our LeadLife Content Marketing Strategist to identify and use existing content resources for develop of robust nurturing campaigns that will build more credibility and increase awareness for The Nour Group, Inc.

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