Why CEO’s Love LeadLife

If there’s one thing that stays the same in business, it’s that markets are always changing. Whether it’s new competition, new innovations or new buying patterns, CEOs need to continuously mine the market for growth opportunities.

So where can a CEO find these opportunities? Start by taking a look at your sales and marketing effectiveness.

“LeadLife has been a tremendous partner for our company, helping us to grow our online and offline businesses by more than 150%. With the help of our content marketing strategists, we were able to automate our lead management process and implement a scoring schema that allows us to focus only on our most qualified sales prospects.”
Ben Davis, Founder and CEO, GentsPlace and GentsDeals.com

Have you adjusted your lead management or content marketing strategies to address how your prospects are buying? Are your marketing efforts increasing revenue without incurring large expenses? Do you have visibility into a realistic sales pipeline? How about access to financial metrics such as marketing ROI, cost per lead, cost per opportunity and much more?

LeadLife’s lead management and content marketing solution – marketing automation technology – is designed to help organizations better utilize marketing and sales to drive growth.

How does it work? We augment your marketing and sales staff with a dedicated lead-to-revenue and content marketing expert – for an initial period of time to jump-start your efforts, or on an ongoing basis – it’s entirely up to you.

Before we begin, we start by understanding your business – how you market, your sales process and more. Next, we develop a lead management and content marketing strategy that will help you meet your sales goals. Then, we use our state-of-the-art technology to make it all happen. Finally, we provide detailed reporting and analytics to give you the visibility you’ve always needed.

Benefits for CEO’s:

  • Enter new markets through proven content marketing strategies
  • Cost effective revenue growth -up-sell/cross-sell your existing customers with targeted, automated lead management campaigns
  • Increase the volume of qualified leads sent to sales with lead segmentation strategies that deliver customized product/service offerings to convert more of the leads you generate into prospects, i.e. minimizing lead leakage from your sales pipeline
  • Improve profit margins by focusing sales resources on higher return prospects
  • Shorten sales cycle time by providing added sales intelligence per lead
  • Gain more predictable revenue forecasts with detailed reporting